Movium for corporate car-sharing

Improve fleet usability and cost

Track, control, and share your fleet to increase profitability and the lifespan of your assets. Stay updated on the status of your vehicles, get notified when documents expire, know where your vehicles are in real time and many more.

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Improve vehicle usability

Make planning easier and maximize the benefits gained from your fleet with the vehicle booking feature. Reduce your costs by effectively sharing vehicles within your organization. Inolve your team members in the process and check a vehicle's status whenever you need it.

Ensure safety & compliance

Allow control over the fleet through permissions and roles for a group or at an individual level. Increase your risk management skills while optimizing and adjusting your future action plans according to the users' driving behaviour. Securely manage all operations from our dashboard.

Enhance fleet data

Benefit from our business reports along with your team by checking the trends, costs and business overview. Use both our already made reports or create your own custom reports based on your KPIs. Get insights on vehicle trips data like distance, mileage, idle time, speed or other incidents.

Manage your fleet and optimize costs

Adjust resources on the go, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Evaluate and follow up on usage KPIs to have a measure on each vehicle productivity and costs. Movium enables control capabilities of managers over their fleets, both from management and sharing perspective.

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Reduce vehicle downtime and increase usability

Automatically record and update your assets' location, fuel level, and ignition status. Keep track of the status of the tyres, the battery level and other insights. Be informed on the documents about to expire and overview the driving behaviour of your employees to optimize your action plans through the notification center.

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Centralize data and make informed decisions

Get visibility into your fleet's real-time tracked data hrough our dashboard. Prevent inaccuracies and be more confident in your decisions. Our reports are designed to provide and help you find useful insights for your business' growth. Use already made or create your customized reports.

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