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Match your customer's modern mobility needs through a sharing platform for ready-to-go branded e-bikes & e-scooters apps. Keep an eye on your business in one single place by managing vehicles, customers and following stats. You can easily improve your efficiency and track progress through data-driven insights and a series of valuable features relevant for making your e-bike app or e-scooter app get noticed. Check the list of features below.

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Acquire users and boost utilization adapted to your objectives

Illustration showcasing custom mobile app for micromobility and pricing model customizations
White-label Mobile app

Facilitate user onboarding and user profile management, handle invoices and sales information, start and end trips with one-tap and filter vehicles. All in one app that you can costomize for your business.

Customizable Pricing Models

Go for dynamic pricing methods adapted to your company's needs — time and distance based plans, subscription based plans, or both. Add prepaid packages and use vouchers and coupons to successfully develop attractive offers.

Free floating, station based or virtual docking

Prioritise the stability of physical stations, the adaptability of geofenced virtual stations, or a hybrid combination. We will power a system that makes the most sense for your city, easy to set-up and maintain.

Enhance operations and secure your fleet

Illustration showcasing mobile app for micromobility with multiple asset types
Quick, Secure Payments

Ensure a wide choice of payment alternatives to make it easy for your customers to pay for their rides easily. Choose your prefered payment provider and we'll do the rest.

Multi-vehicle Integration

Add your e-bikes, e-scooters, mopeds or kick-scooters easily in the same app. Give your customers the opportunity to pick up and drop off vehicles anywhere within a designated area.

Qr Code and Bluetooth Unlocking

Scan, unlock & go. Our QR code and bluetooth access provide a hassle-free experience for users. They can locate a vehicle close by on the in-app map and scan the vehicle's QR code to unlock it. Easy as saying Movium!

Illustration showcasing mobile app for micromobility with multiple asset types


Endless customizations and integrations

Connect your fleet with leading marketing, analytics, engagement and data platforms. Customize how your data enhances your fleet experience.

Connect your fleet

Illustration showcasing Movium's customization and integration capabilities

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Vehicle Sharing

Launch your vehicle sharing business and move easily with Movium's flexible and suitable top features. You share, we share, our sharing turns to profitability. Leave the integrations up to us and customise your pricing, products, invoicing and billing features according to your requirements. All in one single mobility app.

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Fleet Management

Track, control, and share your vehicle fleet to increase profitability and the lifespan of your assets. Stay updated on the status of your vehicles, get notified when documents expire, know where your vehicles are in real time and many more.

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Corporate Mobility

Get the most out of your company's mobility service by exploring our solutions that can answer your fleet's and team's needs. Whether you need more insights on your costs and assets' status, or support in making vehicle-sharing part of your work culture, our features are designed to assist you all the way.

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