Fleet Management

Keep up with your fleet in real-time

Track, control, and share your fleet to increase profitability and the lifespan of your assets. Stay updated on the status of your vehicles, get notified when documents expire, know where your vehicles are in real time and many more. Check the list of features below.

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Get live data from your fleets accross your entire organization

Location and Status Tracking

Trace your vehicles' location, fuel level and mileage in real time. You are always one-tap away from all the needed data, 24/7.

Driving Behaviour

Overview the driving style of your teammates. Increase your risk management skills, optimise and adjust your future action plans according to their driving behaviour.

Alerts and Notifications

Know when your documents are about to expire, if a specific speed limit was exceeded, when the battery starts to drain, or receive the daily reports automatically via email.

Manage assets and increase visibility into your fleet

Vehicle and User Management

Keep track of your documents' status, tyres and vehicles. Optimise your fleet and give your team access to information they need through our role-based permissions feature.

Dashboard and Reporting

Store your KPI reporting, logbook, route history and daily activity. Improve your fleet's efficiency through the insights available in a glace using our reporting system.

Tyre, cost and document management

Optimise your fleet and grant access to streams of information through our role-based access control. Manage asset-related documents like Insurance, Certificate of Registration, Vignette.


Endless customizations and integrations

Connect your fleet with leading marketing, analytics, engagement and data platforms. Customize how your data enhances your fleet experience.

Connect your fleet

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Vehicle Sharing

Launch your vehicle sharing business and move easily with Movium's flexible and suitable top features. You share, we share, our sharing turns to profitability. Leave the integrations up to us and customise your pricing, products, invoicing and billing features according to your requirements. All in one single mobility app.

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Corporate Mobility

Get the most out of your company's mobility service by exploring our solutions that can answer your fleet's and team's needs. Whether you need more insights on your costs and assets' status, or support in making vehicle-sharing part of your work culture, our features are designed to assist you all the way.

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Match your customer's modern mobility needs through a sharing platform for ready-to-go branded e-bikes & e-scooters. Manage vehicles, customers and follow stats. Easily improve your efficiency and track progress through data-driven insights relevant for making your e-bike app or e-scooter app get noticed.

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