Our vision

Through history we, as the human race, kept moving despite the weather conditions, terrain type, we even went to the moon and back. Because of this nature we discovered and invented new ways to move around the world and the cities we built. As time passed our demands increased in terms of mobility, we understood that there is a necessity to manage our resources better, to protect the environment. In the meantime cities around the world have made important changes in terms of mobility, embracing new ways of transportation and new emerging mobility services.

For the past few years the rise of mobility services like car sharing have changed the way people move around Cities. As the concept of car ownership is fading away in front of cities development needs, cost efficiency and autonomous cars, we, at Movium, decided to propose a simple yet effective set of tools to manage the mobility services of the 21st century.

About Movium

Movium is an asset management platform, that allows asset sharing with users. It was built using the latest IT technology stack by a team of experienced and enthusiast developers. Thanks to this, the Movium platform is a scalable, stable and a reliable platform and has three main elements, the mobile applications, the back-end infrastructure and the management console.

The mobile application offers seamless registration and onboarding process. Documents pre-validation and face recognition are done by the system, to ensure a more secure and easy user onboarding process. One time user enrolment ensures easy future usage of the service, without the need to reprocess documents or customer information.

The back-end ensures the compliance of the business logic and makes sure to run all the automated processes. It supplies the necessary information about dynamic pricing, about assets and handles all the communication between the servers and the telematic control units that are installed on the assets.

The management console centralizes all the relevant information about the assets, users, payments and gives you real time insights about the business operation. Generates reports and uses the KPI's to make relevant business decisions and ensures the operation with a minimum headcount.

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