Movium is a cloud based Mobility-as-a-Service platform that shapes the future of mobility by enabling you to seamlessly tackle challenges related to carsharing and fleet management




Track anything from assets, metrics, cost, to your fleet's efficiency

Track telemetric data

Capture and process telematic data in real-time from your fleet to gain valuable insights

Manage vehicle inventory

Define and track each vehicle's inventory for a better utilization and efficiency

Measure efficiency

Seamlessly track your fleet utilization and efficiency from anywhere

Control your assets, manage your fleets cost of ownership, grant access to vehicles

Control vehicles

Control vehicles fuel level, location, lock or unlock them from anywhere. Safely immobilize vehicles, activation and deactivation is managed with a single click.

Manage access and usage

Grant access to your fleet, manage users, groups access to vehicles and determin who can drive your vehicles. Know your customers better with our innovative user onboarding and driver identification.

Monitor vehicles

Seamlessly track your fleet utilization and efficiency from anywhere

Share your fleets with your customers or employees

Customer management

Manage customer info, payment methods, invoices and sales directly from our platform.

Define custom pricing strategies

Create groups for your customers with different pricing strategies and aceess to multiple fleets. Track your income and expenses with our real-time reporting solutions.

Diversify revenue sources

Configure your revenue streams with our multi type system like prepayed packages, subscriptions or time-based billing

Endless customization

Customize our platform to suit better your needs, tailor made look and feel, add custom integrations.

Powerful APIs

Use Movium's API methods, Documents store and Real-time API


Add WebHooks integrations, or request custom integrations from our professional team

Data Importers

Migrate from other solution providers or software and bring all your data, we are here to help you

Telematics providers

Use our existing telematics integrations or bring your own our platform can handle any type of data streams

Billing and Invoicing

Let us handle billing and invoicing for you, or integrate your existing ERP with our platform


Extend your partnerships, reducing gap between fleet owners and vendors (coming early 2019)

Enterprise features

Two-factor authentication (2FA), E2E encryption, SSO integrations, Know Your Customer (KYC), audit logs, groups managment, product assortment, role based access control, GDPR.

Unlimited users

SMS notifications

Custom integrations

Unlimited reports

Run on the cloud provider of your choice

Our platform is cloud-hosted and can be run on the most popular infrastructure providers for better integration with your new or existing solutions


For all platforms

You can take Movium anywhere with our web and mobile apps, Custom apps running on our services or integrate our SDK.

End-to-end guidance from our experts

We help you with every step of the way to navigate through all the complexities of launching a mobility service, from infrastructure setup to connecting your vehicles to telematics devices, making sure you get a compliant product out in the market fast.

We help you:

Design a compliant product from the start

Setup and manage your infrastructure

Create custom integrations

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